Cloud Based Islamic Firewall

A Special Firewall has been designed to protect your Family from all the internet abuse and material available. This Firewall has been designed in such a way that it will evolve with time and will get more smarter with new words and habits being added. What makes this firewall unique is that it’s not static like old firewalls. Think few years back we had not so many issues as we have now and the words which we use to recognize living problems didn’t exists few years back. Using the latest Cloud technology this firewall will keep on blocking all search results and also notify you if we feel that an immediate issue needs to be addressed. This Firewall works well with

  • Desktops
  • Laptops
  • Smart TV’s
  • Tablets
  • Mobile Devices

Via cloud it not manages a 24/7 connection with your Router therefore it’s safe to be used. We went a step ahead on assisting you on what you should do using Islamic Guidelines from Top Islamic Scholars and Top Kids Psychologist. With time these advises will be updated more and more. Also you have a privilege when you buy this firewall you can send us any Question and we will answer all of your questions with help of Top Islamic Scholars and also renowned Kids Doctors specializing in Kids behavior.

During my first meeting with Sheikh Assim Al Hakeem he came up with an idea for a firewall and it really hit us how important it is for parents these days. Cyber Abuse is one of the biggest problems kids face these days. So we developed a special Firewall which will help to protect your family and if there is a problem you get advice from leading Islamic Scholars and Kids Phycologist.

We look forward for your suggestions on how we can improve this Firewall further. You can always email all your suggestions to our Group President who is head of project Islamic Router.