رسالة من رئيس الشركة

As-Salaamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu

Firstly a big thanks for reading this message as this means a lot to me to make you explain what this device will add in your life. Islamic Router is a part of a beautiful journey I started with my wife. It has evolved from its Original idea a lot. 2 years back we moved in a new house and suddenly we realized that we can’t hear Adhan and many times we’re busy in worldly things and miss prayers. We thought let’s install Apps on our Ipads and phones but I thought about issues like I don’t want kids to stick to mobile devices and Mobile have become such a big part of our life that we carry it at all the places which are not clean. Also if you’re on phone you’ll still miss prayer call.

So I started designing a product which will deliver Adhan and we came up with Islamic Router. Things were easy but I have 3 young boys (below 10 years old) and to teach them Quran I kept a teacher. Within couple of months I saw that my kids can recite Few Surahs and Kalima’s. Arabic not being my native language it was a challenge but it didn’t took us time to realize that we’re making robots. I say them a command and they start and finish with no attachment. Whenever they pray they’re going through a routine with no real connection. Problem was very simple as they don’t understand at all what they recite. I started teaching them Surahs with meanings and suddenly I saw a huge change in them. Not only they were able to recite Surahs nicely but were understanding a lot of beautiful message Allah SUBHANWATALLAH has given us. This became second addition and then it kept on growing and growing.

During my first meeting with Sheikh Assim Al Hakeem he came up with an idea for a firewall and it really hit us how important it is for parents these days. Cyber Abuse is one of the biggest problems kids face these days. So we developed a special Firewall which will help to protect your family and if there is a problem you get advice from leading Islamic Scholars and Kids Phycologist.

Now it came to content and Dr. Zakir Naik have been really helpful in this cause. He makes you love ISLAM more. When you meet a Hollywood celebrity and when you meet an Islamic Celebrity you understand what really ISLAM is. He gave me countless hours with his precious advices. Whatever words I use will be small to this GREAT servant of ALLAH SUBHANWATALLAH

Now I have been through few Questions when I discussed this router with friends

1) Is this router Sunni or Shia or will promote any specific sector of ISLAM and are they Authentic?

I originally come from Pakistan. In 80’s if you ask any Pakistani “Who you are?” and he will say “I AM A Pakistani” . 30 years down the road if you ask the same question you might hear “I’m a Sindhi Or Punjabi Or Pathan Or Balochi Or Muhajir”. When you look around what Shaitan has done. Divide and Rule. ALLAH SUBHANWATALLAH has clearly mentioned that we should hold his rope not ropes. We can keep dividing or we can stand together under one beautiful religion “ISLAM”

So “NO” I don’t believe in any further divisions in ISLAM. For me Mosque is a mosque and all Muslim Brother and Sisters are like family. All the topics which will be played will go through two phases

a) Two Top Islamic scholars will verify the references what are used in lectures are authentic or NOT.

b) Once Verified they will go to 6 normal people who will listen to them and verify that it not hurts anyone sentiments .

If you still feel that it was offensive I will always listen to you directly at [email protected]

2) I Don’t like Dr. Zakir Naik or Sheikh Assim or Dr. Bilal !!!!

Now when you go to a doctor do you Question him that the medicine he gave you is wrong and he should do like this or that. Why not? KNOWLEDGE. I welcome all questions but without knowledge. Do remember these Great Islamic servants have spent years of their lives to make us understand Quran and ISLAM. If you feel you don’t like someone then ask yourself why? If you say because he said something specific then you must get knowledge on this topic or verify it with some other scholars. ISLAM is all about LOVE and Peace so when you start hating anyone you move away from the cause. We have no right to disrespect even a NON Believer neighbor then what gives us right to pass these judgement.

I pray that this product helps you get closer to ISLAM. I will love to hear about amazing stories from your end that what change it brought to your life.

May ALLAH SUBHANWATALLAH keeps us away from all Sins and bring us closer as one Ummah.