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Create an Islamic environment in your house and your office which will help us to spread word of Peace and Love to humanity.

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“Message From Company President”
  • Is it a Sunni Or Shia Router?
  • I don’t agree with one of the Speakers!!!
  • Are contents really authentic?
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Cloud Based Islamic Firewall

As a father, brother and husband ourselves we have designed a firewall which will work specially to protect your kids and family from Internet Abuse. We will be sending you email alert every time (As Configured) which will not only be notifying you about the problem but will give you the a detailed advice on how to handle this situation as per advise from Top Leading Islamic scholars and in view with top Kids Psychologist.
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Adhan in your House

A house where name of ALLAH can be heard is the house where satan not likes to visit or stay. Our ISLAMIC Router™  will never let you miss a prayer. Prayer call will always be heard in your house or Office and will be auto updated using your current location. We will have Multiple voices of Adhan to select from. After Adhan most authentic Dua’s will be read with meanings. Also we will add most authentic Hadiths and Dua’s to follow after Adhan.

Kids Night Story

Islamic Router™ has a special Button can be activated from router or from an app which will recite proper sets of Dua’s with Meanings (updated bi-weekly) and every night a new detailed Islamic story will be read to your child. These stories are both from past and present and we assure you that every story selected will have a message behind it which will be offering your child a vast range of Islamic knowledge. Our Story presenters are professional narrators who understand how to keep child focused and pass the most important message to them. We assure you that your child will ask for these stories again and again.

Islamic Mobile Application

  • Special App designed for Android and iOs
  • Prayer Call on your Mobile devices as per your current location.
  • Kibla Location.
  • Halal Restaurants (Worldwide and Near you).
  • Halal Supermarkets (Worldwide and Near you).
  • Nearest Mosque using Google Maps.
  • Islamic News and events.
  • Islamic Calendar.
  • Quran with meaning and Tafseer
  • Islamic Greeting cards
  • Islamic Wallpapers

Parent Guard (For Mobile Devices)

  • Special Application designed for Android and iOs.
  • Know your kids current and past geographic location(s).
  • Restrict the internet usage with daily / weekly schedule.
  • Restrict what application they use with time they’re allowed to use.
  • Parent Permissions can be requested in case of overriding the permissions.
  • A Complete weekly schedule can be done and implemented with just a passcode.

The Weekly Programme

Quranic Tafseer for both Adults and Kids will help you to understand QURAN. Our Scholars have spent years on their research so the Tafseer’s available will be highly informative and will carry most references to understand the MOST informative book to this Mankind.

Authentic Hadith Narrations by Leading Islamic Scholars which will help us guide in our daily lives by the Greatest Man ever walked on this Planet Prophet Mohammed (PBUH)

Bi-Weekly Update on ISLAMIC News and Events which will later convert to Daily News around the Globe.

lectures and Q&A by leading team of Islamic Scholars
Dr zakir Naik
Sheikh Assim Al Hakeem
Sheikh Yusuf Estes
Sheikh Bilal Philips
Imam Siraj Wahhaj
Imam Mokhtar
Hussain Yee
Dr. Jeffery Lang
Dr. Jamal Badawi
Ahmed Deedat
Ahmad Von Denffer
Abdullah Hakim Quick

Marriage Guidance and Counselling

One of the growing problems in Ummah of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) is divorce. Many times husband and wife don’t understand rights towards eachother and have many un answered questions. We will be running special topics on this on weekly basis. Also you will have access to a special section where you can send your questions in complete privacy to Sheikh Assim Al Hakeem which will be answered by him and will not be shared with anyone. Also if things don’t work out we’ll arrange a Skype conversation with Sheikh directly where he will answer all your questions.
May ALLAH SUBHANWATTALAH protects us against all evils (Ameen)

MOM Needs Help!!

MASHALLAH being a parent is a blessing but we understand that sometimes it’s tiring to be a “MOTHER” as it’s a 24/7 job. Mothers need help in many things but sometimes they can’t share their kids problem with their own friends or with own family as it may be embarrassing. We make sure that we help you with it. A Special section will be available where you can send any questions you have to our Child Specialist and they will reply you in detail. Also you can request a Private Skype call and talk to our Kids Specialist on all your issues. Each query will be answered properly and a follow-up will be done on that to make sure that your problem has been solved.


Wake up to ISLAMIC Nasheeds

Start your day with Islamic Nasheed’s from World’s Top Nasheed reciters. These Nasheeds have been selected very carefully as per ISLAMIC values to give you and your family a message of Love and Peace. You can setup an Alarm in router which will wake you up with these great Islamic Tunes. You will have a choice from vast range of Nasheeds to select from which will be updated frequently. We have Nasheeds from Ahmad Bukhatir , Zain Bhika , Ahmed Rolle , etc.

Learn “Quranic” Arabic

A special class which is designed for both Kids and Adults will help you learn Arabic. This class will make you understand words and within two years you will be able to understand maximum words in Quran. We won’t be focusing on any local dialect but our core focus will be on Quranic linguistic. Our lessons will soon change bi-weekly as you advance through your courses.


“KUN FAYAKUN” (Be and it is)  At every step of this Router development we use to remember these beautiful words from QURAN as at every hurdle our belief was more stronger that ALLAH SUBHANWATTALAH will help us succeed as when he says “Be and It is”. Making this router was itself a Milestone and we’ll make sure that we give back to community all the success this router will bring to us. Whenever we reach a milestone in terms of sales we’ll make a Lucky draw from the list of people who have bought router and offer them Umrah or Hajj Packages which they can use or give to someone who is not financially capable. Further we’ll offer University Scholarships , Marriage Funds , Mosque Funds and many other beneficial projects which will help to improve ISLAMIC Community. May ALLAH SUBHANWATTALAH guides us all to the right path (Ameen!)

Know About Islam & Introduce Yourself to your Neighborhood

In growing world of Islamophobia where people don’t understand what really ISLAM is we will like you to introduce ISLAM to your neighbor. Using another OPTIONAL SECURE SSID you can tell your neighbor about ISLAN and also introduce them to yourself by informing about your family. In Today’s world we don’t know about our own neighbor but ISLAM teaches us about neighbor rights and its importance. We want to continue that important tradition and spread the word of ISLAM. At no time they can use your home network or internet which makes this feature SECURE and unique.

Router Features Cloud Enabled Enterprise AP

ISLAMIC Router™ AC is the most cost effective, HIGH POWER cloud managed 802.11ac access point on the market. The ISLAMIC Router™ AC contains 2 independent, concurrent operational radios one 802.11ac (5GHz) radio and one 802.11n (2.4GHz) radio capable of delivering blisteringly fast wireless speeds. The ultra-Small size of the Islamic Router ™ AC allows it to be placed inconspicuously in both offices and homes, bringing fast wireless connections to hard to reach locations. ISLAMIC Router ™ is one of the most powerful devices which can cover a large area easily using it’s unique Antenna Array System. Friendly to use ISLAMIC Router ™ can work with your current home/ Office Router or can also be placed as a new WIFI device in your home.